Putters Edge Custom Putting Greens: Golf Turf FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Outdoor Putting Green FAQs

Can you describe the putting surface?

Putters Edge created our exclusive
PAR Turf™ series (Pure Absolute Roll) as our premiere turfs... After extensive testing on dozens of options, we determined this turf best simulated a natural grass surface. If you've ever putted on synthetic turf before, you probably noticed a "wobble" as the ball came to a rest. Not with Putters Edge PAR turf! Our special "tufting" process has eliminated the "wobble" - plus, there is no grain in our proprietary nylon PAR turf, allowing putts to roll the same speed in every direction!

Want to know more about PAR Turf? ­ Visit the PAR Turf Edition 2011 page! See our full range of high-tech synthetic turfs for serious golfers. And don't hesitate to contact us with questions... we can help you pick the best one for you.

How is PAR Turf™ different from other synthetic turf?

The difference between PAR turf fibers and other synthetic turf begins with the manufacturing process. Our specially designed spring set turf fibers are manufactured to interlock with each other, creating a realistic look and feel. This is very much unlike sand-filled synthetic turf.

PAR Turf™ requires no deep sand in-fill.

What is the stimp speed of the greens?

The stimp speed will depend on the turf you choose and the primary purpose of the green. Mimicking high-end championship greens, our TOUR edition rolls to an 11 on the Stimp Meter, and our PRIVATE edition rolls a bit slower at 10.4 stimp. Our CLASSIC edition is an even slower 9.3 - which more closely replicates the roll on a typical course.

How well do Putters Edge turfs hold up in an outdoor environment?

Putters Edge turfs are assembled using the finest UV-treated polypropylene & nylon, water-resistant fibers. Our turf carries a 10 year limited warranty against excessive wear and fading, and resists normal rain, snow, wind, freeze and sun. Putters Edge turfs have been installed everywhere from the cold, freezing climates of Canada to hot, rainy, and humid areas like Florida.

Is the outdoor turf maintenance free?

When was the last time you owned something that was totally "maintenance free?" Our putting surface is "hassle-free". The non-sand filled turf is as maintenance free as it gets, even when partially infill assisted/weighted. Our specially designed, interlocking spring set fibers help hold the infill in place, while stabilizing the root of the fiber. Even our infill-assisted/weighted greens are virtually maintenance free. Once installed, just keep the leaves and debris off the surface, just like you would with a real putting green. You can even vacuum our turf!

Don't be fooled by other companies that state their turf product is totally "maintenance free." This is as far from the truth as it gets. Unlike our premier turfs, synthetic sand-filled greens require periodic sanding, brushing, top dressing and water rolling.

How do I clean the green?

Just use a blower. If a liquid other than water is spilled on turf blot with a dry towel, or use a light detergent.

What size is best?

We custom design your outdoor green to any size that fits your budget and area. The larger the green, the more holes and practice distances you will have, not to mention the added fun!

Can small children putt on the green?

Putters Edge putting greens are always designed for children of all ages to enjoy. As long as the green is not truly abused it will last for many years.

Why shouldn't I install a real grass putting green?

Real bent grass putting greens are very expensive to install and require expensive daily maintenance. Just ask a golf course superintendent or anyone who has owed a real grass putting green about the required maintenance, and we're sure you'll agree that you won't want a real bent grass green in your yard.

Can a Putters Edge Green be sculptured with breaks & undulations?

Yes! We will help you customize the putting green to your specifications... as smooth or unusual as you like, in just about any size or shape. It's all up to you. We will walk you through the design process.

Can I chip onto my Putters Edge Putting Green?

Yes! Chip shots and bump-and-run shots will "check-up," similar to most real grass greens. We have a variety of chipping turfs available that can be incorporated into your practice facillity. Our greens are as close as it gets to real grass greens.

Can anyone install the Putters Edge Turf System?

Only certified and trained installers and Putters Edge Dealers can install the Putters Edge Turf System, providing PAR Turf ™ and up to a 10-year turf and base warranty. That's why we're here!

For adventurous do-it-yourselfers, we can supply you with our alternate nylon turf Pro Turf Elite and a few tips, but only licensed dealers may install our top-end PAR Turf line. Manufactured to 15-foot widths, Pro Turf Elite rolls to a 10 stimp and has a 8-year manufacturers warranty. To find the size that meets your needs and budget, visit our Putters Edge Synthetic Turf Shop.

How can I get started?

It's easy! Call us at (614) 638-6782 or to begin the process. Depending on where you live we'll come visit, FREE of charge! After we've looked over your area and you have had an opportunity to try our various turfs to decide which putting surface is best for you, we will begin designing your perfect custom outdoor green and practice facillity. As you can appreciate our schedule fills up quickly. Once you have paid your deposit you will be placed on our installation schedule. Depending on the size and location of your green, instalation generally takes 2-4 days.

on Sand-filled Synthetic Turf

Most deep sand-filled synthetic turf has straight end fibers that must be sand filled and periodically rolled with a heavy water-filled sod roller. Our turf fibers are manufactured to stand-up naturally, to reflect the look and feel of a real green! Plus, unlike other synthetic fibers, our fibers are made with a dulled finish, rather than made shiny. This also helps create a natural, real looking green.

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Indoor Putting Green FAQs

Why would I choose an indoor green rather than an outdoor green?

Surprisingly, 30% of our clients choose to order an custom indoor putting green, designed especially for their own specific room. Indoor greens are popular because they allow you to practice without concern for the elements - anytime, night or day.

What do indoor greens look like?

When we first began Putters Edge, the only indoor greens that we offered were rectangular. They were perfectly functional, but lacked visual interest. We've now developed techniques that allow each client to help design a green that is not only functional, but serves as the focal point of the room or area. These second-generation greens have unique designs and can even incorporate fringe to give the green a realistic look.

What turf do you recommend for indoor greens?

Putters Edge uses only the best nylon turf manufactured, and we offer several different options, including our own proprietary turfs. We'll match the stimp speed you and your family putt on most commonly. This way, we determine which putting speed is best suited to improve your game, and select the specific putting turf to your unique needs. We'll be happy to offer recommendations, but the final choice is all yours!

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