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Synthetic Lawn FAQs

What is a synthetic lawn?

A synthetic lawn is an outdoor landscaping option that allows you to have a beautiful, natural looking, perfect green lawn all year- without the hassle! No worries about mowing, fertilizing, watering, pesticides or any other growth & health lawn maintenance. It's amazing how realistic our artificial lawn products look - give us a call and we'll show you our broad variety of turf options.

How is a synthetic lawn installed?

There are four basic steps: First, we provide the design and site preparation which may consist of removing existing landscaping. Second, we prepare the sub-base which may include an aggregate base for drainage and a finer base for shaping and achieving a smooth service. The third step involves the actual lawn turf installation. Lawn turf comes on 15 ft rolls. The turf is seamed as needed, shaped & pinned using a variety of landscaping pins and stakes. Finally, the infill materials are installed to support the fibers and to serve as a ballast for the lawn system.

Why does the lawn turf
require an infill?

Infill is a weighting agent for the lawn system. We use high-tech infill that can reduce the surface temprature of your synthetic lawn during hot months. But that's not why this turf is so special!

Our Edge Lawn Turf is manufactured with short fibers at the turf base which holds up the longer fibers providing the aesthetic characteristic of a natural grass lawn. Some infill is needed for weight to hold the turf in place.

Most other lawn turfs require far more infill just to support the turf fibers. Their most common infill option is a sand/ rubber mix -recently questioned as a possible toxicity concern! We use clean technology to eliminate rubber worries.

Are synthetic lawns good
with kids and pets?

Absolutely - they are perfect! Whereas natural grass lawns are difficult to keep looking nice with frequent play by children and pets - a Putters Edge lawn system always looks perfect and will withstand heavy use. Our turfs drain, so water and pet accidents wash through. The synthetic turf fibers and the infill are made of materials that won't absorb or retain pet waste odors. Your synthetic lawn can be washed with a garden hose! Periodic raking ensures blades that stand up nicely - the perfect lawn.

Will the lawn fade with intense sun?

Our lawn turfs carry an 8-year warranty against excessive fading. The synthetic lawn blades have the UV-treatment built into the blade itself - mixed with the polyethylene while still in liquid form. You need not apply any UV treatment, unlike some other artificial turf products.

Will the turf fade? - Technically yes, practically no. The shade of green will change slightly after several years - but you can't distinguish the change with the naked eye. In fact, the turf seems even more real and natural looking over time.

How long will the synthetic lawn last?

Our lawn turfs come with an 8-year limited warranty. Under normal home residential conditions, the actual life expectancy is 15-25 years.

What kind of maintenance does
the synthetic lawn require?

A light raking (plastic) or brooming (soft bristle) is recommended periodicly to keep the blades standing nicely and looking real. If the lawn is primarily decorative, then such efforts will be less frequent. A leaf blower can be used to remove leaves, twigs, etc.

Are synthetic lawns & putting greens good for the environment?

Absolutely - an emphatic and resounding YES! Water is a precious resource and we all are aware of efforts to ensure that we use water resources wisely. With a Putters Edge synthetic lawn or putting green, you get functional & aesthetic beauty - a natural-looking grass landscape - without the water consumption. It's a great way to be green, and some states even offer water conservation rebates!  We can assist you in obtaining your rebate.

Where can it be installed?
Is there flexibility in size and shapes?

Your Putters Edge lawn can be installed almost anywhere imaginable - not just places where you'd install natural grass. Since it installs like carpet, the lawn can be cut to fit & shape - around walkways, pools, flower beds, decking, etc. There are virtually no limits to where your new lawn can be placed or shaped.

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The flagship line of PAR Turf by Putters Edge, with the new 2011 editions now available, is just part of the Putters Edge turf story. New sporting turfs for football, soccer, baseball and similar field sports is also available, along with other specialized artificial turfs for commercial and even synthetic grass lawn applications.

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