Putters Edge Portable Putting Greens: portable rollout golf turf


A Portable Putting Green is always ready to play!

Putters Edge portable golf putting green gift for golfers

Morning or Night,
Winter or Summer,
Rain, Snow or Sun...
Just grab your putter!

Which portable putting green is perfect for you?
The Sculptured Green™,
a The Rollout by Putters Edge™,
or a simple Putters Edge Rectangle Green?

Regardless, you'll practice your golf game year round and keep your putting honed sharp! Your opponents will see the difference, as you start winning hole after hole. We won't divulge your secret, but you just might brag on us!

Putters Edge Portable Putting Greens are made from PAR Turf™ Private Edition synthetic nylon turf with PGA regulation width golf holes (4.25"), rolling a quick 10.3 stimp similar to your favorite golf courses. This high-tech turf is unavailable to the public, except in these Putters Edge portable putting greens, or when custom installed by authorized Putters Edge dealers. You'll find nothing like it anywhere else.

The Sculpted Green by Putters Edge™ putting greens

The Sculptured Green by Putters Edge is the beautiful choice.

The 4' x 12' budget version is only $398 with Free Shipping
The 6' x 12' premium version is only $589 with Free Shipping

The Sculptured PAR Turf Putting Green by Putters Edge™ is cut from the finest, most realistic putting turf made. The beautiful sculpted curves and large size make it our most luxurious portable green - an amazing golf gift, perfect gift for the serious golfer who has it all.

Its Pure Absolute Roll™ is smooth and grainless, and the protective backing conforms and holds to most surfaces, so you can create your own mild breaks. Star-Grabber flags are included. Suitable for indoor and outdoor putting. 10 Year Manufacturers Warranty.

The Rectangle Green by Putters Edge™ portable putting greens

The Rectangle Green is an economical alternate option we offer - the exact same turf, including pre-cut holes, simply without the flowing custom curves of the Sculptured Green.

The 4' x 12' budget version is only $339 with Free Shipping
The 6' x 12' larger version is only $496 with Free Shipping

The Rollout Green by Putters Edge™ portable putting greens

The Rollout by Putters Edge™. The same ¼" rubber backing grips tight to carpet and always lays flat, unless you add you own break by slipping something under it, or take it outside. Comes with flag, a collapsible metal backstop and free shipping from our Putters Edge Turf Shop!

The 2.5' x 12' Putters Edge Rollout is only $289 with Free Shipping

PAR Turf by Putters Edge - Top grade sophistication in synthetic putting turf for golf practice.

PAR Turf synthetic putting turf
is the key to your success, no matter which Putters Edge portable putting green you choose. It feels wonderful, and also teaches muscle memory: your muscles remember proper stoke speed for various distances.

Your confidence on every golf course improves greatly, because the real greens feel the same as your practice green at home. Your putting yips and jitters dissolve away, and your whole short game is positively affected. That's when golf scores start plummeting, and plenty of golf pros agree.

Isn't it time to win consistently?

Putters Edge Portable Greens - Features

PAR Turf by Putters Edge - Top grade sophistication in synthetic putting turf for golf practice.
  • Fully professional quality
  • PAR Turf™ synthetic turf
  • Pure Absolute Roll - no grain
  • Private Edition - our top seller
  • Stimp Rating 10.4
  • ¼" rubber backing
  • Always lays flat
  • Easily add your own break
  • Use right or left handed
  • Quick set-up anywhere
  • Easy to put away
  • Works outdoors, too!

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