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PAR Turf™ - Pure Absolute Roll

Professional Synthetic Putting Green Turf

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Putters Edge PAR Turf - Pure Absolute Roll Putting Green Turf

PAR Turf™ synthetic turf is the flagship of our entire business. We created it because no one else would meet our very fussy high performance requirements.

Pure Absolute Roll is the key. Year after year, PAR Turf keeps it's incredibly natural feel and stands strong against wear and tear. The fibers are extra tough, and spring back into position each time.

But the real beauty of PAR Turf is the way it putts. Not only does this amazing turf series react the way you expect real grass putting greens to affect your putt, PAR Turf actually comes in multiple editions that closely match specific green types!

Honestly, words cannot adequately describe this amazing artificial turf series - you truly need to experience it for yourself! But read on to discover the PAR Turf 2015 Collection... which ones are right for you?

PAR Turf 2015:

Our most recent addition to the PAR Turf family is our new TOUR edition, patterned after the harder, quicker greens that are common to professional golf tournaments. Developed at the request of numerous PGA players and teaching pros, this is for serious practice. While not quite as fast as the greens that golf's true masters play, with a stimp speed of 11.0 the TOUR edition is as close as most golfers would ever need for their personal practice green. This is a great turf to mix together with a slower turf. By doing so, you create a dynamic and diverse pro-level putting facility to perfect your game.

PAR Turf 2015:

PAR Turf's PRIVATE edition is based on our previous top seller and crowd favorite for years. With its 10.4 stimp speed and gently padded foot feel, the PRIVATE edition was created to mimic the feeling of the high-end country club courses that many of our clients call home. Truly luxurious in every way, this is the turf for those who want to practice on a medium speed green, training your muscle memory for the widest range of courses you might encounter during your golf season.

PAR Turf 2015:

Putters Edge caters to all golfers, commited to providing the synthetic green feel that most closely matches your specific golf course experiences. The PAR Turf CLASSIC edition is a slower green that tends to feel like the vast amount of public courses and those with more lush holes. At a 9.3 stimp rating, the CLASSIC edition has a sturdier foot feel, yet doesn't let the ball run wild. A firm stroke is required and is rewarded with the same beautiful Pure Absolute Roll™ that defines all of Putters Edge PAR Turf products.

PAR Turf 2015:

Our most specialized turf might be the PAR Turf WEDGE edition, created to “bite just right” when your approach shot makes impact. A relatively slow 8.0 stimp speed and Pure Absolute Roll allows your finishing shot to be played out, though the WEDGE edition is actually designed for your short game shots from up to 70 yards away! If you have the room to practice like that, this is your dream turf. Unlike the other PAR Turf editions which need no infill or maintenance, we recommend infill here for best play.

Choose the turf that matches your specific needs, or combine two or more to create an amazing custom practice facility.

In addition to our proprietary 2015 PAR Turf™ series, Putters Edge has the unique ability to offer a large amount of turfs from other manufacturers as well as fringes and lawn turfs to complete your personal design! Let our turf experts take your practice green dreams and turn them into reality...

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The flagship line of PAR Turf by Putters Edge, with the new 2015 editions now available, is just part of the Putters Edge turf story. New sporting turfs for football, soccer, baseball and similar field sports is also available, along with other specialized artificial turfs for commercial and even synthetic grass lawn applications.

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