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Putters Edge Artificial Turf - The proper synthetic turf makes all the difference to your game.A BRIEF TURF HISTORY

Synthetic turf has been around since the early 1960's, when David Chaney headed a team of researchers to create the first artificial turf. Sports Illustrated magazine famously called Chaney the man “responsible for indoor major league baseball and millions of welcome mats.

In 1965, “AstroTurf” was installed in the newly-built Astrodome in Houston, Texas and began to become a household word. Its use became widespread in the 1970s, being installed in indoor and outdoor baseball and football stadiums throughout the United States and Canada.

During the early 1980's, several English and European soccer clubs began to install similar artificial “pitches” (soccer fields). Yet by 1988, the English Football Association (FA) had seen enough injuries and drawbacks like “unacceptable aesthetics” to completely ban such turfs altogether. During the 1990's, America's National Football League followed suit, retro-fitting nearly all those artificial fields with natural grass, despite the huge costs and hardships involved. These were the dark days, when synthetic turf was considered a joke and unusable in sports applications.

However, much has changed since those early days of “fuzzy concrete”!

Great putting green turf is not a mirage in the southwest, greens from Putters Edge are the real thing!


Over the last decade, many technological improvements and advancements have been made within the artificial turf industry. The golf course market has been a strong beneficiary of the new turf science.

For this reason, golfer Terry Elkin of Putters Edge became a product developer in consort with multiple mills, testing and redeveloping newer and better putting green turfs than had ever been available. Eschewing the standard “infill required” practice green turfs that were commonly marketed, a very particular Elkin helped devise a landmark putting turf series that he finally considered worthy of his exacting standards.

And now, these amazing synthetic turfs can be yours!

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The flagship line of PAR Turf by Putters Edge, with the new 2011 editions now available, is just part of the Putters Edge turf story. New sporting turfs for football, soccer, baseball and similar field sports is also available, along with other specialized artificial turfs for commercial and even synthetic grass lawn applications.

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