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Putters Edge Golf Partners

Important golf related businesses in our network

This page will speak of important business and golf industry relationships connected to Putters Edge

Putters Edge does not employ spokesmen to try to sway your opinion... as that simply adds to your final putting green or turf price. Not cool.

Instead, we forge relationships - real people that aren't shy of singing our praises... serious commentary that you want to hear.

Like when TaylorMade Golf chose our PAR Turf to publicly test their putters, because in the words of Global Product Manager Gary Gallagher, “Putters Edge is the only turf that we have researched that reacts like a real green...”

Now, that's cool.


Coming soon, we'll be adding to pages like our Edwin Watts Golf Stores - where you can test Putters Edge PAR Turf yourself. And the NCAA Golf program, who also knows us well.