Putters Edge Custom Putting Greens: Commercial Golf Turf Installations

Commercial Putting Greens

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In recent years, 40% of Putters Edge installations have been putting green facilities for commercial clients.

Our 10-year turf and base warranty provide our commercial clients peace of mind, knowing they have a virtually maintenance free putting green that will provide years of enjoyment to all. Two commercial markets that Putters Edge has developed a strong relationship with are Retirement & Nursing Facilities and the Golf Instruction industry.

Putters Edge putting greens meet the ADA Handicap Accessibility Standards to allow wheelchair-accessible golf and putting.Putters Edge is one of few putting turf companies that construct our installed putting greens to meet the standards of the ADA, providing Handicap Accessibility. Because our PAR Turf™ putting green surfaces don't utilize sand in-fill, and our synthetic turf surface is glued to a concrete-like base, wheelchairs can utilize 100% of the putting green area. And that benefits you, as well.

Putting greens for retirement homes and nursing facilities can be used for recreational therapy using putting on golf turf.


Residents in over 150 retirement & nursing facilities are enjoying our putting greens with family and friends that visit them. Physical Therapy utilizes the putting green to help improve patients' motor skills. A putting green that is customized to meet ADA Standards, requiring virtually no maintenance. is an affordable facility enhancement.

Nursing homes and retirement centers make great places to install putting greens for residents to enjoy physical therapy by golfing and putting


Putting greens from Putters Edge are great for golf teaching professionals, as the putting turf has consistently smooth rolls.

A natural market for Putters Edge putting green turf has been golf professionals and golf instruction schools in the US & Canada.

The stimp speed of greens varies throughout the country. We provide putting turf that matches the local putting greens of teaching professionals, making Putters Edge PAR Turf the perfect fit.

Dozens of successful Universities and High School golf programs have also taken advantage of the turf to improve their short game. You can read what they say about our putting greens on the testimonials page.


Another commercial use for putting greens comes from the corporate world, both as employee benefits, and in the Hotel service industry.

By adding a golf practice facility complete with chipping and sand trap areas, savvy managers can upgrade their value to the people they depend on for their success.

Putting greens for Hotels, motels, Apartment complexes, Condo groups and Corporate business

What better way to spend an afternoon mulling over business ideas than relaxing on a custom Putters Edge putting green installation? We may be biased, but our customers tell us it works.

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